Building the largest Green Hydrogen Hub in Southeast Australia

Port Anthony Renewables is poised to become an integral part of Australia's green energy future.

Port Anthony Renewables Limited (PAR) is an Australian company operated by the Anthony family, who have owned the Port for over 20 years.

We are committed to establishing ourselves as the largest green energy hub in Southeastern Australia.

We benefit from a unique asset portfolio and strategic location, allowing us to take advantage of the burgeoning Australian hydrogen sector estimated to be worth $56 billion by 2050.

We are strategically and geographically situated to take advantage of this emerging energy market. Our infrastructure produces hydrogen and oxygen while also generating revenue through Joint Ventures with other producers such as Infinite Blue Energy.

Over the next five years, we are poised to handle over $632 million worth of cargo and produce over six billion tonnes of hydrogen.


The Fuel of the Future

When formed through a method known as pyrolysis, hydrogen releases no greenhouse gases into the air and uses renewable energy sources.

Considered the fuel of the future, the Australian hydrogen sector is estimated to be worth $56 billion by 2050.


Strategic Partnerships

Port Anthony Renewables is advancing its production plans through Joint Venture agreements with early innovators taking charge of the hydrogen space.

In partnership with 4 key companies, Port Anthony Renewables is the foundation of renewable hydrogen innovation within Australia.